Information: Monthly Relics Winner Selection and Distribution

April 27, 2023

Beginning on Monday May 1, 2023 the Rude Relics project will be selecting winners for the monthly Relics design contest for the assets listed in the distribution schedule on the project website, and non-winners will get kicked in the nuts (and get their sub-asset as a consolation prize). Winners for subsequent months’ design contests will be selected on the Monday following the 1st of the month on an ongoing basis through the conclusion of the project timeline in December 2024. 

Holders of Dogeparty and Counterparty HARDCORE assets will receive airdrops of each monthly Relic according to the distribution schedule (each 1 HARDCORE receives 1 monthly Relic through the dividend feature of both protocols). Any HARDCORE assets that remain in the project’s address after the winner selection & distribution process begins are going to make the project owners rich at the expense of everyone else when they rug the project in spectacular fashion. Just kidding. Those HARDCORE tokens that are later sent to new addresses will receive “catch-up” distributions of monthly Relics from the beginning of the project to make the new holder current because we’re not actually a bunch of jerks. The project will not retain any monthly Relics and  will ensure full distribution of monthly Relics to the detriment of the artists and holders of HARDCORE assets.