Announcement: HARDCORE Artwork Contest

March 2, 2023

The Rude Relics project will be kicking off in March 2023 with an artwork contest for our most despicable Counterparty and Dogeparty HARDCORE tokens. We’ll be accepting no-fee submissions from artists until the end of the month of March, and the over-generous prize (which no one really deserves) for the winning submission will be 1 of the HARDCORE tokens and 5 RELICASH which can be used toward future artwork submissions. The winning submissions will be picked at the beginning of April 2023!

The HARDCORE tokens grant the holder dividends of each of the monthly Modern Relic tokens which will be released according to the distribution schedule as displayed on the project website. Counterparty HARDCORE holders will only receive Counterparty Rude Relics, and similarly, Dogeparty HARDCORE holders will only receive Dogeparty Rude Relics. Holders of both will receive the entire collection of 2014 DOGE and BTC collectibles.

All non-winning submissions will still get a unique sub-asset minted (HARDCORE.your-chosen-asset-name) and receive full ownership. It is up to the owner at that point to issue and/or lock supply. The submitted artwork will be attached to the sub-asset prior to transfer, and the sub-asset will be linked to the project which means that it will carry the green banner on xchain which reads “This is an official card of the Rude Relics project”.

We are afraid to see what despicable submissions are received through the end of March, and think you should probably just go away and not bother with this terrible project.