Announcement: HEROIN & ORGASMIC Winners

July 5, 2023

The Rude Relics project is reluctant to announce the winners of our July 2023 artwork contest for our most despised Counterparty HEROIN and Dogeparty ORGASMIC assets! The winning artists have now had their artwork attached to these awful 2014 assets and their prizes have been sent to them. The prize includes 25 of 100 total supply of the respective token, and 1 RELICASH to be used for future artwork submissions. The remaining 75 supply of FUCKED and FATTY will be distributed via airdrops to holders of the respective Dogeparty and Counterparty HARDCORE tokens.

All non-winning submissions have also had their artwork attached to custom-made sub-assets under the main HEROIN or ORGASMIC asset. The sub-asset ownerships have been transferred to the artists’ addresses and they are now able to issue and or lock their own supply. Once a supply has been issued, token owners are free to buy, sell, trade, or throw them in the garbage. The Rude Relics site also has some built-in marketplace features to enable easy transactions for the project’s assets, if for some reason someone might want to do that.

The winner for the Counterparty HEROIN contest was Papeto with the SHE’S IN MY MIND AGAIN submission. 

The winner for the Dogeparty ORGASMIC contest was Lycosfreak with the ORGASM FACE submission.

Shame on all of the artists that submitted artwork for the July 2023 round! Submissions are open for next month’s contests as well as ANY asset in the project (future submissions for main assets with art already attached will only be eligible to gain a sub-asset since the winning artwork has already been chosen).