Announcement: Project Launch

February 24, 2023

Are you ready for Rude Relics? Probably not, but we’re going to tell you about it anyway. Most of you are probably going to want to turn right around and go back to whatever you were doing before you started reading this. For the rest of you, keep scrolling! 

Rude Relics is comprised of a carefully curated collection of the worst 2014 Counterparty (Bitcoin) and Dogeparty (Dogecoin) collectible assets in existence. The named assets all have an offensive theme, and the project has been built to give the artist community the opportunity to showcase their depraved talent with submissions of art appropriate to each monthly Rude Relic token. 

The project’s assets were first minted in 2014 as divisible assets with an issuance of one (1.0). In January of 2023 the assets had their divisibility reset, a new supply issued, and then locked.

There are two types of assets in the project:

HARDCORE tokens, as their name implies, is for those fools who would like to gain all of the project’s assets as a complete collection. HARDCORE holders will receive dividends monthly of each of the vile Modern Relic tokens once the winning artwork has been chosen. There will be a HARDCORE token for both the Counterparty and the Dogeparty platforms, so in order to gain a truly deplorable collection, one must hold both HARDCORE tokens (one from each platform).

The second type of token is the monthly Rude Relic, each of which has a disgraceful name. The Rude Relics will have a winning piece of artwork added from a pool of disgusting submissions sent in by deranged artists. All artwork which did not win, will still be attached to a one-of-a-kind sub-asset. The sub-asset will be minted by the project and its ownership will be assigned to the artist. The artist may choose to issue whatever supply they wish, and also lock their asset (or not).

Both artists and collectors will be able to sell, trade, or give away their assets as they see fit, and the project website will also act as a marketplace to facilitate transactions. 

If you are a deviant artist or collector then you can follow the link to our website to learn more, or don’t (whatever…). Actually you’re already here, so just click the links on this page to find your way around. We also have a Telegram and a Twitter account if you really enjoy this sort of thing.